Welcome to The Vegan Lifestyle! I’m so glad you found this space for all things vegan. I decided to create this blog to share my passion for living a vegan lifestyle. I became vegan in December of 2015 and as I write this and I have a brother and mother who are vegan as well. My mother went vegan before me and was the one who introduced me to the resources that convinced her to try it which also convinced me to make the lifestyle switch. It can be hard to live a 100% perfect vegan lifestyle. We don’t live in a vegan world. I’m trying to live a life that is the most vegan it can possibly be. This is why I wanted to start this blog because it can be hard to be vegan but it’s easier when you can learn from the experiences of others and get advice from others. I’m going to be posting about my recipes, cruelty-free fashion and beauty resources and lifestyle tips or advice and helpful resources. I’m hoping I’ll be able to include vegan travelling some day!

Low-oil Diet, Not Fat-free

I call my diet ‘low-oil’ because my personal belief after doing research is that a diet including a lot of oil is not healthy for our hearts. I aim to make my recipes healthy and with accessible ingredients using no oil. I am a normal human who gets junk food cravings so once in a while I buy myself that junk food and vegan packaged foods. I go out to restaurants once in while which typically use a lot of oil. I do try recipes from other bloggers and cookbooks and sometimes I will include oil or vegan butter if the recipe calls for it but most of the time I can make adjustments to the recipe to keep it oil-free. Most weeks, my diet is probably about 90% oil-free. A low-oil, or even a 100% oil-free diet, does not mean fat-free. In my recipes, I incorporate healthy fats through nut and seed butters, nuts, seeds, avocado, dark chocolate, chia seeds, flax seed and soy.

What I hope you takeaway is that I believe in a balanced vegan diet without restricting yourself from having a treat once in while.


I don’t have any food allergies myself but I want my recipes to be inclusive of everyone so I will be making a variety of recipes and will state what the recipe is free of in terms of the most common allergies: nuts, gluten and soy.

If a consequence of you reading this blog is convincing you to go fully vegan, then that’s great! My personal belief is that living a vegan lifestyle is healthier and contributes to making the world a better place to live by reducing climate change and animal suffering. I also believe that trying any aspect of vegan living is going to make a positive contribution to the world and I hope I can help you incorporate some aspects of vegan living into your life.

You can follow my social media to keep up with posts and they are linked below or on the side bar on the right. If you decide to become a reader, thank you so much for your interest in my content and for supporting this blog! I hope I can make a positive impact in your life! 😊

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The reason I haven’t switched all of my socials to ‘The Vegan Lifestyle’ is because being vegan is not my entire identity and I still want to be recognized by my name. While my posts on these socials are mostly vegan lifestyle related, you may see some personal moments for example, in instagram stories.

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