Gosh Copenhagen Cosmetics Vegan List

I reached out to Gosh to get more information about their testing status. Gosh is 100% cruelty-free and they have made a vegan section on their website. On the FAQ page on their website they have stated they do not test or commission a third party to test for them. I asked them about whether they are selling in a country that requires testing and if they ever would test when required by law. Their response is below for you to review. I’ve also linked a PDF version of this list at the bottom of this post for you to download.
Gosh cruelty-free response:

Hi Nicole
Thank you for your e-mail.
And Happy New Year to you as well!
I am happy to get back to you on your great questions.
1.       No, our products are not being sold in China at all, as it is against our cruelty free politics. We have a local Scandinavian factory and production in Copenhagen, Denmark, where we make all our products.
2.       As long as the law requires that we don’t test on animals, of course we don’t. We care for the animals and do everything in consideration of the animals and our environment.
Hope that the my reply helped to answer your questions! Otherwise feel free to write me back J
Have a lovely day.

Let me know what your favourite Gosh products are in the comments below 😊

Gosh Copenhagen Vegan List:


Primer Plus+- 003 Hydration
Primer Plus+- 004 Illuminating
Primer Plus+- 005 Chameleon
Prime’n Set – Shades 002 Banana, 001 Neutral
Velvet Touch Foundation Primer Anti-Wrinkle
Velvet Touch Foundation Primer Classic
Overnight Primer Oil Essence


Foundation Drops – Ivory, Natural, Tawny, Honey, Tan,

CC Cream

CC Cream – Shades Porcelain, Ivory, Sand

BB Cream

BB Cream – Shades Sand, Beige, Warm Beige


BB Powder – Shades Sand, Beige, Warm Beige, Chestnut
Precious Powder Pearls – Glow
Pressed Powder – Warm Sand
Mineral Powder – Ivory, Natural, Tan, Honey


Lumi Drops – Gold, Bronze, Peach, Vanilla
Strobe N’ Glow Kit – Blush, Highlight


BB Skin Perfecting Kit – Light, Medium
CCC Stick – Medium, Dark, Very Dark
Colour Corrector Kit


Giant Blush – Shy, Passion, Pink Parfait


Giant Sun Powder – Metallic Gold


Contour Strobe Kit – Light and Medium


Growth Mascara – Black
Turn Me On Vibrating Mascara – Extreme Black
Growth Serum
Rebel Eyes – Black


Eyeliner Pen – Black, Brown
Intense Eyeliner Pen – Grey, Black 01, Blue, Purple, Black 03,
Kohl Eyeliner – Black, Expresso, White
Xtreme Liquid Gel Eyeliner – Silver, Bronze, Plum, Royal Blue, Black, Black Night, Turquoise,                                                          Gunmetal
The Ultimate Eyeliner – Black in Black, Raw Grey, Brownie, Carbon Black
Velvet Touch Eye Liner – Renaissance Gold, I Sea You, Carbon Black, Blue Moon, Hypnotic Grey,                                             Pretty Petrol, Woody Green, Rebellious Brown, Black Ink, Sky High, Pure                                           Natural, Silver Screen


Smoky Eyes Palette – Black, Brown
Eye Xpression – Thunderstorm
Mono Eyeshadow – Silver, Turquoise, Golden Green
Matt Duo Eyeshadow – Green Zone, Melting Pale, Dark N’ Dusty
Quattro Eye Shadow – Green Valley


Eyebrow Pencil – Brown, Soft Black, Greybrown

Lip Gloss

Liquid Matte Lips – Candyfloss, Pink Sorbet, Nougat Fudge, Chinese Rouge, Red Carpet, Berry Me,                                   Nougat Crisp, Arabian Nights
Lip Oil – Sea Buckthorn, Raspberry

Lip Liner

Velvet Touch Lip Liner – Wild Cherry, Chocolate Kiss, Cocoa Plum, Nougat Crisp, Simply Red,                                                   Antique Red, Angel Kiss, Pink Pleasure, Raspberry Dream, Cardinal Red,                                             Flirty Orange, Nougat, Raisin
Forever Lipshine – Baby Baby, My Valentine, Flirty Dreams, Magic Monday, Funky Friday, Spring                                   Fling
Long Lasting Lip Marker – Red, Pink, Chocolate
Volume Lip Shine – Soft Coral, Cherry Blossom, Tea Rose, Juicy Orange, Raspberry Galore,                                              Burgundy, Nude, Red Stiletto
Light N’ Shine – Light Purple


OMG Nail Lacquer – Turquoise Blue, Black is Black, Deep Red, Ashy Grey, Peachy Red, Nude                                             Chanpagne, Baby Blue, Splish Splash, Pop Up! Purple, Drizzle, Oh La La!,                                           Banana Shake, Candy Floss, Abundance, Orange Splash, Deep Sea Blue,                                               Apple Green, Brown Grey, Mouse Grey, Confetti, Lime N’Lemon, Sunny                                             Orange, Spot On!, Infinity, Euphoria, Party, Star Gaze, Sweet Hearts, Silver                                           Pop, Plenty of Pink

Nail Lacquer – Berry Me, Gold, Silver, Miss Grey, With a Twist, Night Kiss, Matt Effect Top Coat,                            Early Green, Holographic Hero, Galaxy, Spot On! Pink, Miss Mole, Miss Minty,                                  Flamingo, Peachy, Nero, Gasoline, Girls On Film, Venus, Greed, Stardust, Milky                                  Way, Moonlight, Million Stars, Night Sky, Tilted Blue, Mysteriou Mauve, Kind of                                Pink, Denim Delight, Sea Me, Sunset, Desert, Blue Balloon, Blue Monday, Sweet                                Peach, Golden Brown, Orange Drops, Rusty, Drizzle, Magic Star, Silver Star, Golden                          Dragon, Fix Base Coat, Metallic Blue, Frou Frou, Bon Bon, Snow White, Pretty                                  Ballerina, Sunkissed, Apple Bloom, Sea Foam, French Dream, Morrocan Night

Frosted Nail Lacquer – Frosted Soft Pink
Nail & Cuticle Oil
2 in 1 Nail Hardener


Mineral Powder
Eyeshadow Blender
Eyeshadow Sweep
Eyeshadow Shader
Eyeshadow Precision
Eyeshadow Slanted
Lip / Eye Liner
Eyeshadow Shaper


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