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Essence is a cruelty-free brand who are owned by Cosnova. I reached out to Cosnova to confirm if they are cruelty-free and from their response below, they are and all of their brands are cruelty-free. Cosnova owns Essence, Catrice and L.O.V. Essence has labelled their vegan products on their website but they don’t have vegan labelling on their packaging so this guide and the free PDF version linked at the bottom of this post will be useful when shopping in stores.
Let me know what your favourite Essence products are in the comments below! 😊

Cosnova’s Cruelty-Free Stance:

Dear Ms Gallant, 

We can assure you that cosnova is strictly against testing on animals. Our company neither conducts tests on animals, nor commissions it to any third parties and never will. Our suppliers are selected based on this criterion and we make sure that they never test their products on animals.

In accordance with the EU Cosmetics Directive, it is generally forbidden to test cosmetics products on animals in Europe. Testing the ingredients for cosmetics on animals is also forbidden in the EU (since 2009).

All cosmetics ingredients are subject to this European legislation and are continuously assessed by independent, scientific advisory boards to ensure the highest level of health protection for the consumer.

Alternatives to animal testing are constantly increasing around the world. For example, tests can be conducted on artificial tissue, skin models or the cultivation of cells in petri dishes.

Once again, we would like to stress that our cosmetics products are never tested on animals and that we have always been strictly opposed to animal testing. We hope that we were able to answer your question.

Should you have any further questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us again.

Liebe Grüße / Kind regards,

cosnova Team

Essence Vegan List:


Soft Touch Mousse Make-up – All 3 shades


Colour Correcting Sticks – All 3 shades
All I Need Concealer Palette
Coverstick – All 3 shades


All About Matt! Fixing Compact Powder Waterproof
Colour Correcting Mattifying Powder
Mosaic Powder


Make Me Glow Liquid Highlighter
Pure Nude Highlighter
Strobing Highlighter Stick – Both shades


Shape Your Face Contouring Palette – Both shades
Blush: No Vegan Blush


Make Me Glow Liquid Bronzer
Sun Club Large Bronzing Powder – Both shades
Luminous Matt Bronzing Powder

Setting Spray

Instant Matte Make-up Setting Spray
Keep it Perfect! Make-up Fixing Spray
Glow To Go Illuminating Setting Spray
HD Hydra Primer Spray


How to Make Nude Eyes Make-up Box
The Metals Eyeshadow – All 8 shades
Moonlight Cream Eyeshadow – All 4 shades
I Love Dewy Eye Gloss
Holo Wow! Eyeshadow Palette


The Cushion Eyeliner
Extreme Lasting Eye Pencil – All 5 shades


Make Me Brow Eyebrow Gel Mascara – All 3 shades
Brow Marker – both shades
How to Make Brows Wow Make-up Box
Eyebrow Gel Colour and Shape – Both shades


Lash Princess Sculpted Volume Mascara
I Love Extreme Volume Mascara
Super Curl Volume Eye-Opening Mascara
Volume Booster Lash Primer
Volume Hero Mascara Power Black


Kiss The… Lipstick – All 3 shades
Fade Your Shade Lipstick – Both shades
Lip Liner: No Vegan Lip Liners

Lip Gloss

Water Kiss Glossy Lip Colour – All 6 shades
Tint & Colour Shot – All 5 shades

Corrector/Makeup Remover

Makeup Corrector Pen
Happy Kawaii Lipstick Remover


Strong & Clean Nail Polish Remover
The Gel Nail Polish Base Coat
Express Dry Drops


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